Deterrable Predator

The Power of the John Jay Reports (JJR I, 2004, JJR II ,2011 )
JJR II appeared in May, 2011 and was followed by many cautious commentaries and summaries. Few exploited the power of the reports for forming unequivocal policies  targeting potential perpetrators. The most striking outcome of JJR II and its support in JJR I is in showing that the Church was infected by a very small group of very rational, determined and deliberate sexual predators, who despite a history of recidivism after various treatments, were and are pre-eminently deterrable.  The sad history is inappropriately named recidivism because the perpetrators did not, as a group, intend to recover or reform. But that they are deterrable is an empirically solid assertion because, after increasingly bold offending through the 1970s, they were in fact deterred dramatically, through the 1980s to the present. JJR II notes the importance of the steep decline in new incidents of abuse during that time. The importance is highlighted by seeing how it confirms a theoretical profile of the perpetrators as a group,  a profile which is critical for the formation of a policy which can reduce abuse incidents to a minimum without avoidable harm to the vast majority of clerics who not only do not offend sexually but who cannot even imagine such bizarre offenses.  A number of elements of the profile follow.

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